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New Leadership at California State Parks

By Michael McKechnie

Major General Anthony L. Jackson, USMC (Ret.) does not require you to salute when you greet him. He is a down to earth leader with broad ranging interests. And he has been appointed by Governor Brown to move our State Parks system on to higher ground.


Major General Anthony L. Jackson, Director of California State Parks
I had the pleasure of working with General Jackson last Saturday on Angel Island. He is touring all of the State Parks as his schedule allows. With our Angel Island State Park partner, Superintendent Amy Brees, and other Parks officials we explained the purpose and importance of the Immigration Station. General Jackson was engaged and very interested in the stories we have collected about immigrant experiences on Angel Island and what they mean for current immigration issues.

The General has gone about the task of moving the Department forward in a business like way. He has already built an operating plan to inform Department employees and volunteers of the goals for the next few years. He is learning all he can about the daunting number of large and small properties he is now responsible for. And he is engaging his non-profit partners such as this Foundation to help him build a sustainable future that will serve the needs of the public for recreation and education.

I believe we have a great partner and that California is fortunate to have such leadership. He will help us realize our goals for the Immigration Station and the people it serves.  Welcome aboard, General.


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