Angel Island Immigration Station Foundation

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Honor Our Immigrant Heritage this Holiday Season

AIISF is dedicated to ensuring that the complete US immigration story is uncovered and kept alive, for all to hear and learn from. We need your support to continue in our fight to share these unheard voices and untold stories.

Please make a tax-deductible gift today.
The history of America is the history of immigrants. Yet many don’t know the stories of millions who came to the US through the West Coast, whose struggles for entry were driven by exclusionary laws made to keep people out, based on race and class. Until this full and complicated history is told, we can’t learn from the past to build an inclusive society.

Your donation today means we can continue to expand our programs that focus on collecting, preserving and sharing the rich stories and personal journeys of Pacific Coast immigrants. These stories of Immigrant Voices bring to light sometimes painful and always heroic experiences, and teach lessons still relevant today.

With your continued support, we are proud to expand our programs to include youth education as a top priority. With our California State Parks partners, we are creating an interactive distance learning program that will enable us to bring these stories and lessons on immigration to students across the state. In just the first year, we have the potential of reaching more than 6,000 students, many from diverse and underserved populations in urban schools. With your help we can ensure that today’s youth will learn from our collective past, and become leaders in building a more equitable society.

Our ability to keep immigrant voices heard loud and clear depends on you. With your valued donation, we will ensure that these neglected stories are told, these silenced voices are heard, and the entire story of America’s rich immigrant history is known to all. Together, we can continue to expand our mission, audiences and reach.

Your Support Makes Our Work Possible.

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