Ferries run year round on the weekends and weekdays. Ferries can be chartered for groups during the school year. California state accredited K-12 schools can request a fee waiver from the Angel Island Association when booking their tours. This waives the park entrance fee on the weekdays, reducing the cost of the ferry to just the ride itself. Please call the local ferry companies for updated schedules.

Between the end of October and the beginning of April, there is no direct ferry service to and from Oakland/Alameda or Vallejo. To get more information on ferries and other transportation go to www.transitinfo.org.

From Tiburon

Angel Island Ferry
Main Street
(415) 435-2131
Weekday service April-October. Ferry service can be chartered (min. 30 people) during off peak dates and for earlier or later times. When calling, please leave an evening phone number.

From San Francisco

Blue & Gold Fleet
Pier 41, Fisherman’s Wharf
(415) 773-1188
Group rates are available. Ferry service can be chartered (min. 75 people).


From Oakland/Alameda

Blue and Gold Fleet
Jack London Square/Alameda Ferry Terminal
(510) 522-3300
Weekend service May through September. The ferries dock at Ayala Cove.





The shortest route is to walk up the Northridge Trail (trail head at Ayala Cove dock area), the trail starts off with 140 trail stairs, turn left when you reach the paved Perimeter Road and travel approximately one mile along the road to the USIS. The USIS is on the left side and there are signs to direct you down the hill into the site. If a member in your party needs assistance getting to the site, please contact Angel Island State Park at (415) 435-1915.
Approximate walking time: 30-40 minutes

To avoid the stairs walk towards the Visitor Center in Ayala Cove and follow the road up the hill, turning left when the road 'T's, the walk is approximately 1.5 miles.
Approximate walking time: 1 hour


Visitors should expect to bike 1½ miles to the USIS, bicycles must be secured at the top of the hill into the site. Due to steep terrain and vehicle traffic, bicycles are not permitted on the U.S. Immigration Station grounds. Riders can follow the paved road towards the Ayala Cove Visitor Center, and then follow the dirt path to the left just after the Visitor Center to get to the Perimeter Rd, turn left onto the paved road and follow the road 1.5 miles to the station. This takes approximately 15-20 minutes. Note that the roads do have loose gravel and there are state park vehicles on the island, so ride carefully and it is recommended to use a helmet (helmets are required for children).

Shuttle Service

The Angel Island Company offers motorized shuttle service available from April through November. Shuttles to the Immigration Station departs Ayala Cove at 10:30 a.m., 12:30 p.m. Please contact the Angel Island Company at 415-435-3392 for additional information.

The Angel Island Company has a limited schedule from November thru February, if you have special accessibility needs getting to the USIS please contact the Angel Island Company at least 1 week in advance.